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Bed Bug University

BedBug University serves as the educational arm for BedBug Central. BedBug University includes learning opportunities such as the North American Summit, Boot Camp, and various Road Shows across the nation. The program was developed by BedBug Central entomologists Jeff White and Richard Cooper.


BedBug University: Boot Camp is an intensive four day course that covers bed bug biology and behavior, treatment protocols and explores the unique legal challenges and business opportunities of bed bugs. Members of our affected industries will benefit from day one and day two of Boot Camp. Designed to shorten the learning curve of companies that want to increase their bed bug revenues and enhance their bed bug business model, boot camp also aims to educate those in the affected industries. At boot camp, attendees will see how to eliminate prep work and avoid frustration for clients, by learning BedBug Central’s unique NO PREP protocol. Attendees of BedBug University will receive a full hour of post-attendance consultation with a member of the BedBug Central team (PR, Web, Business, Technical).

Upcoming Dates:

February 18th - 21st, 2014

On-The-Job Observation One-Day Training in New Jersey

Tuesdays and Thursdays (Call for Availability)

OJO was initially BedBug Central's first instructive offering through BedBug University, its educational arm. After a bit of a hiatus OJO is back to serve as a valuable one day observational experience. Participants will accompany the stellar BedBug Central Technical Team for a firsthand field observation experience. This one day course is an ideal opportunity for both the pest management industry as well as those industries affected by bed bugs.

BedBug University: Boot Camp Road Shows

BedBug University: Boot Camp Road Shows will travel to different parts of the United States to offer a two-day, intensive education program on all aspects of dealing with bedbugs. The program will focus on the knowledge needed to run or manage a successful bed bug program and include much of the four-day program in an accelerated format.

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