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Northwest Exterminating provides pest control and bed bug services to Tucson and Southern Arizona. We have been a qualified and licensed pest management professional for over 20 years understanding the nature of the household pest to be exterminated, the extent of the infestation and the work necessary to solve the problem.

What makes Northwest unique is our expertise and knowledge. Our experienced and trained certified technicians can handle any pest problem, supported with the latest in equipment and products to ensure pest elimination. We offer a full range of pest control services to meet all of your needs, making quality and convenience our priority.

Bed Bugs are more resilient and resistant than any other pest, so be ready for one of the biggest challenges of your life. As a pest professional and frontrunner in bed bug management, Northwest Exterminating provides both conventional and thermal remediation treatments to detect large-scale bed bug infestations. These approaches (of which include vacuuming, steaming, and the use of mattress and box spring encasements) have been used since 2005. We are going to provide you with the most comprehensive information and treatments possible to ensure you win this bed bug battle!

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