Are Bed Bugs Difficult to Control?

Bed bugs may in fact be the most challenging pest problem currently facing the pest control industry. There are many pests that homeowners may decide to try and control on their own but bed bugs should not be one of them. Even the most experienced pest management firms will have their work cut out for them and it may be difficult to guarantee the total elimination of bed bugs from some infested environments. Reduction of bed bug populations is not difficult in most cases, however it can be extremely difficult, if not impossible to eliminate every last bug in some situations. If even one adult female survives, the environment may become re-infested. For example, one adult female may be hiding inside the binding of a book sitting on a book shelf, another may be located beneath a floor board etc. These small pockets of bugs allow the infestation to continue at low levels and make elimination an uncertainty. The consumer needs to be aware that 100% elimination cannot always be guaranteed with current conventional pest management methods. When dealing with a company that is offering a guarantee, consumers should inquire what the guarantee really covers, does it guarantee complete elimination and how long is the guarantee? Most guarantees will be limited to no longer than a few months due to the potential for re-introduction of new bugs into the environment.

The bottom line is that bed bug work requires a highly trained professional. It takes hard work, follow-up efforts and it can be expensive.

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