ABC World News Follows BedBug Central as We Donate Bed Bug Services in Time for the Holidays

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Submitted by BedBug Central on Wed, 2010-12-29 19:15
This year’s holiday season was a special time for many families thanks to the contributions made by BedBug Central and several pest management firms that contributed in our annual holiday charity, “Taking the Bite Out of the Holidays.” Intrigued by the heart-warming story of Lakeeta Greene and her five-year-old son, ABC World News covered one of the many contributions BedBug Central made in New York City with the help of Parkway Exterminating, a New York-based pest management firm.

In this segment, ABC follows Parkway Exterminating and BedBug Central as they treat Greene’s apartment in Queens, NY for a bed bug infestation. You can view the full segment below or follow this link:
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