Annual Bed Bug Charity Has Raised Close to $500,000 in Past 4 Years

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New Year – Fresh Start … Annual Charity Helps to Provides Relief From Bed Bugs
BedBug Central Teams up with Pest Management Firms Across the Country to Donate Bed Bug Services and Products to Those in Need
Lawrenceville, NJ – BedBug Central teamed up with pest management firms across the country for its annual charity Taking the Bite Out of the Holidays, now in its third year. About $30,000 in bed bug treatments and services were donated to those in need.
Created in 2009 by research entomologist, Jeff White of BedBug Central, a free information resource concerning bed bugs and bed bug related issues. Over the past four years close to $500,000 in bed bug services, products, treatments and labor have been donated to non-profit organizations, families, shelters and more.
“Giving back to the community is always gratifying”, said White. “Having to deal with bed bugs can be very expensive and we know not everyone can afford treatment, therefore if we can help make someone’s start to the new year a bit less taxing on their wallets we are happy to help.”
In order to reach those in need of bed bug help, BedBug Central enlists the help of its bedbugFREE network, a network of pest management firms that share a similar philosophy and approach to bed bug management.
The 2012 participating companies that made this year’s charity possible are:
Cooper Pest Solutions – provided bed bug treatment to Our House Inc., a developmental disability housing facility and local families in New Jersey. Cooper also helped a Philadelphia man living with MS treat his bed bug infestation so he would be able to receive the proper in-home care he needed again.  
Enviro Pest Solutions - helped a family who lost all their furniture in a fire and got bed bugs as the result of donated furniture by providing them with a full heat treatment (approximately 14 hours of service).
Hassman Termite and Pest Control – provided an initial treatment and a series of follow up services to a local Kansas family in need. Hassman also purchased new beds for the family who lost theirs trying to eliminate the bugs on their own.
World Pest – provided two services for a family in Kansas along with queen mattress encasements for their master bedroom.
General Pest – performed treatment for a high level infestation with two follow ups treatments for a family in Akron, OH.
Interstate Pest Control – provided bed bug treatment services to Community House, a homeless recover center in Longview, WA.
McDonald Pest Control – provided heat treatment to a family in need in Duedin, Florida.
A-Alert Exterminating Services, Inc. – helped a family living in a multi-family housing unit rid themselves of a bed bug infestation they’ve had for two years.
Charitable bed bug efforts took place this year in New Jersey Pennsylvania, Washington, Illinois, Ohio, Florida, Kansas and Oregon.
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