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LAWRENCE, NJ—Bed Bug Central becomes the first company to package an affordable do-it-yourself bed bug monitor. Researchers from Bed Bug Central and Rutgers University have collaborated to examine the efficacy of manufactured and D.I.Y bed bug monitors. The homemade monitor proved to be extremely effective and is now available for purchase at Bed Bug Central.  
The results of the collaborative field study were announced at the annual Entomological Society of America meeting Dec. 16. Dr. Wan-Tien Tsai of Rutgers presented a summary of findings on behalf of both research teams—an effective bed bug monitor that can be created for about $20.
Research entomologist Richard Cooper and Jeff White of Bed Bug Central partnered with Dr. Changlu Wang of Rutgers University to test the efficacy of a variety of commercial monitoring devices. The research team also examined the effectiveness of an affordable bed bug monitor previously created through earlier research by Dr. Wang.  
“There is a great need for an affordable bed bug monitor, simply put, many bed bug victims cannot afford the more costly professional-grade versions” said Richard Cooper of Bed Bug Central. “This is a very important development and we felt that it was equally important to make this affordable device available to the public”
The homemade bed bug monitor was shown to be just as effective as or more effective than some professional-grade bed bug monitors in the recent research conducted by Bed Bug Central and Dr. Wang.
The D.I.Y. monitor represents an important step in affordable bed bug treatment and prevention. The premise of the D.I.Y. monitor has been around for several years, but was primarily used in research.
Bed Bug Central is now excited to announce that it is making the D.I.Y. bed bug monitor available to the public through the Bed Bug Central web site at For more information on bed bugs and the homemade bed bug monitor please visit Bed Bug Central.
For additional information on the D.I.Y. Bed BUg Dry Ice Trap view our instructional video below:
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