Bed Bugs Research Create a “Hairy” Situation

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Submitted by BedBug Central on Fri, 2011-12-16 10:44
A recent article by BBC News suggested that bed bugs are more likely to feed on individuals who are clean shaven. Researchers from this study suggest that the hair not only slows down the bed bugs, but the hair is likely to warn the victim.

Prof Michael Siva-Jothy, from Sheffield University's Department of Animal and Plant Sciences, recruited 29 volunteers to test the theory further, watching the bedbugs as they found a place to feed and removing them only as they were about to bite.

Although this is a very interesting and unique study, Jeffrey White, technical director of BedBug Central, advises readers to be careful when interpreting laboratory information.

“Don’t take this type of information to the extreme. You need to be careful when you read lab studies,” said White. “Letting the hair grow on your body will not protect you from bed bugs. When they are hungry, they will find a way to get to their food.”

Although hair can make it more difficult for bed bugs to feed, there is no reason to start growing all of your hair out!

To read the full BBC News article, click here.

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