Bed Bugs at UNL are a Costly Expense

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Submitted by BedBug Central on Wed, 2012-03-14 12:15
According to the Ohama World Herald, the University of Nebraska–Lincoln (UNL) spent nearly $400,000 to track and eradicate bed bugs in the student dormitories.
The article reports that UNL wrapped up their six-week effort to sweep all 3,256 residence hall rooms with bed bug detecting dogs. In total, 197 rooms were treated, over $320,000 were spent on detection and treatment and over $60,000 were spent on equipment that will help the university’s proactive measures in the future.
Although 197 rooms were treated for the pests, UNL officials say they believe that far fewer rooms actually were infested. There were only eight cases of students reporting bedbug bites. Bugs, eggs or droppings were sighted in fewer than 10 other cases.
In February, BedBug Central’s Technical Director suggested that the number of infested room seemed abnormally high.
“The number of bed bug infestations being reported seems extremely high based upon all of our experiences with large universities,” said Jeffrey White, Technical Director of BedBug Central.  “If you are hiring a canine to inspect a campus, it’s important to be confirming what the dog is saying.  From afar I can’t say exactly what is happening, but false positives can happen with even the best canine/handler team.” – Excerpt from College Administrators Need to be Vigilant in Protecting Students Against Bed Bugs article.
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