BedBug Central Announces Expert Line-Up for the BedBug University: North American Summit 2012

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Submitted by BedBug Central on Mon, 2012-04-30 11:17
Lawrenceville, N.J. — BedBug Central, an authoritative bed bug information resource, announces the new speaker line-up for the third annual North American Bed Bug Summit. This year’s summit welcomes new and returning bed bug experts from around the globe while addressing new research and projects. In addition, research introduced at the 2010 Summit is coming to fruition and the results, which will greatly impact pest professionals and affected industries, will be highlighted.   

Officially titled, “BedBug University’s: North American Summit 2012” the two-day event will be held on Thursday, September 6th and Friday, September 7th, 2012 at the Red Rock Casino and Spa in Las Vegas.

During the Summit, attendees will hear the latest research and strategies for bed bug control, genetics, legal protection, and clinical relevance. The Summit will also focus on applied research and practical usage of the information. The North American Summit will continue to provide a level of depth only provided by BedBug Central.

According to Phil Cooper, President and CEO of BedBug Central, the 2012 Summit will not only focus on recruiting the leading entomologists and bed bug experts internationally, but will highlight new topics, research, and case studies. In addition, research that was first discussed at the original Summit in 2010 is now completed and the results will change bed bug science and protocol forever.

“Bed bugs cause frustration and affect individuals financially, psychologically, and physically. These pesky pests also provide various implications to the hospitality industry, private sector, government, education, and the pest management industry,” said Cooper. “To accommodate numerous industry concerns about bed bugs, the Summit will highlight various topics including health and medicine, canines, pesticide ethicacy, basic and applied science, and legal implications.”

Tentative List of BedBug University: North American Summit 2012 Speakers:
  • Dr. Klaus Reinhardt, University of Tuebingen & University of Sheffield
  • Dr. Michael Siva-Jothy, University of Sheffield
  • Dr. Ed Vargo, North Carolina State University
  • Paul Ashton, Anticimex, international pest control company
  • Dr. Dini Miller, Virginia Tech University
  • Dr. Michael Potter, University of Kentucky
  • Dr. Changlu Wang, Rutgers University
  • Dr. Stephen Doggett, Westmead Hospital
  • Richard Cooper, BedBug Central/Rutgers University
  • Dr. Phil Koehler, University of Florida
  •  Jeffrey White, BedBug Central
  • Joel Greenwald, Greenwald Doherty LLP: Labor and Employment Law for Management
  • Tom Jarzynka, Massey Services, Inc.
  • Christian Hardigree, University of Nevada Las Vegas
  • Jeff Lipman, Lipman Law Firm, Attorney At Law & Magistrate Judge

Additionally, to further increase interaction between experts and attendees, BedBug Central will continue its popular EXPOcentral which will feature over 75 bed bug product manufactures and various networking opportunities.

Early bird registration is now in effect at $525.00 per person until April 1st and regular registration for an attendee is $595.00. For more information or to register for the Bed Bug University: North American Summit, visit  

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Bed Bug Central serves as the nation’s most authoritative information resource and website available to the public for information concerning bed bugs and bed bug related issues concerning health, prevention, and treatment methods.More information can be obtained at

About BedBug University
BedBug University is an intensive four day course that covers bed bug biology and behavior, treatment protocols and explores the unique legal challenges and business opportunities of bed bugs. BedBug University is now being expanded to include other learning opportunities such as the North Ameican Summit 2011 and serves as the educational arm of BedBug Central. The program was developed by BedBug Central entomologists Jeff White and Richard Cooper. More information on BedBug University can be found at

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