BedBug Central Announces Sale of its Interception Device BlackOut to Protect-A-Bed

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Submitted by BedBug Central on Thu, 2013-03-07 11:19
BedBug Central Announces Sale of its Newly Developed Interception Device “BlackOut” to Protect-A-Bed®
Lawrenceville, NJ – BedBug Central announced the sale of its newly developed interception device, BlackOut BedBug Detector to Protect-A-Bed®, a leading provider of bedding protection products, that offers consumers a healthy and comfortable sleep environment. BedBug Central recognizes the ability Protect-A-Bed has in helping the commercial marketplace understand BlackOut’s fullest potential.
BlackOut – an interception device that is placed under the legs of beds and upholstered furniture and designed to intercept bed bugs – was created by Technical Director of BedBug Central, Jeffrey White. In an effort to modify the shortcomings of other interception devices currently available, BedBug Central applied additional science, design expertise and experience to develop and manufacture BlackOut as a top-of-the-line product for the pest management industry.    
The product was launched at the start of 2013 in a market that is estimated to be 400,000 total interception devices per year. Beyond BlackOut is different than current devices on the market – BedBug Central believes interception devices are widely misunderstood. BedBug Central selected Protect-A-Bed because they are a well-respected bed bug resource and uniquely poised to deliver the message of the various uses of interception devices in both reactive and detective bed bug programs.
“Having seen the success Protect-A-Bed has with their mattress encasement lines, we’re excited to work together in creating a sales model that allows BlackOut to reach its full potential,” said White. “Our goal in working with Protect-A-Bed is to make interception devices a standard part of protecting your bed from bed bugs.”
According to Protect-A-Bed’s CEO, James Bell, BlackOut is an opportunity for the company to expand their presence in the category, outside of mattress protection. “We feel BlackOut is a great tool for consumers to protect themselves against bed bugs,” said Bell. “It really compliments our philosophy to provide essential, state-of-the-art  bed bug prevention and management tools.”
As part of this deal, Protect-A-Bed will continue to manufacture BlackOut in the United States and work closely with the pest management distribution channels to ensure a proper supply chain to the industry.
“Since its introduction, BlackOut sales have widely exceeded the initial projections,” said Phil Cooper, CEO of BedBug Central. “Partnering with Protect-A-Bed is a real win for the pest management industry. We are thrilled with the positive feedback it’s received as we knew from day one that it was a remarkable interception device.”
About Bed Bug Central:
Bed Bug Central serves as the nation’s most authoritative information resource and website available to the public for information concerning bed bugs and bed bug related issues concerning health, prevention, and treatment methods. More information can be obtained at
About Protect-A-Bed®:
Protect-A-Bed offers consumers a complete line of protective bedding products because “Every Mattress Needs Protection”. With over 30 years of experience in bedding protection, Protect-A- Bed products are available in 35 countries, and the company is recognized as a worldwide leader in mattress protection innovation. Protect-A-Bed products help create a dry, hygienic, bed bug free and anti-allergy sleep zone while also protecting the mattress warranty. The company developed Miracle Membrane®, a proprietary membrane, which is waterproof and protects against liquids and bodily fluids that may ruin a mattress or inhibit a mattress’s warranty claim, and patented BugLock® with SecureSeal® and three-sided zipper system for encasements. Protect-A-Bed products are listed as Class 1 Medical Devices with the Food and Drug Administration, and have received the Good Housekeeping Seal. For more information, visit
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