BedBug Central Experts to Participate in Live Twitter Q&A

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BedBug Central Experts to Participate in Live Twitter Q&A
Research Entomologist Jeffrey White will be Answering Questions about Bed Bug Prevention During the Holiday Travel Season Live on Twitter.
Lawrenceville, N.J. (Nov. 6, 2010)— With the holiday season just around the corner, those traveling or entertaining guests are showing particular interest in how to protect themselves from bed bugs during the holiday travel season. To provide answers, BedBug Central entomologist will be participating in a Twitter Q&A sponsored by Protect-A-Bed to answer questions in real-time.

Beginning at 2 p.m. EST, on Wednesday, Nov. 10, Protect-A-Bed is inviting the general public to log on to Twitter for a live Q&A session, where they can get instant answers to all of their burning bed bug questions. Nationally regarded entomologist Jeffrey White of BedBug Central will be fielding questions and providing immediate feedback to participants during the discussion.

“The holidays are about celebration and the last thing people should have to worry about is bed bugs,” said White. “I’m looking forward to providing people with information that will help them be better prepared for the holiday travel season and increase public awareness about bed bug prevention.”

The Twitter Q&A will take place on the Protect-A-Bed Twitter account at and will is make one of the nation’s most notable entomologists just a tweet away.

By using the hash tag “#PAB” in their tweets, participants’ questions will automatically be added to the queue of questions and answered in the order they are submitted. Participants will also be entered in a random drawing to win one of three prize giveaways, each including a bed bug protection kit.

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