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Submitted by BedBug Central on Fri, 2012-03-02 12:35
BedBug Central was recently quoted in “Today’s Facility Manger” about the recent bed bug infestation at the University of Nebraska Lincoln campus (UNL).

UNL continues to battle the campus-wide bed bug infestation with officials stating that over 150 dorm rooms tested positive for bed bugs. The article in Today’s Facility Manager highlights the importance of colleges and universities being vigilant against bed bugs.

“Institutions of higher education can best serve their students by having proactive, reactive, and follow-up protocols in place,” said White. “These protocols should clearly outline the steps that all involved parties should take to prevent an infestation or the spread of an existing one.” - Excerpt from Today's Facility Manager

College administration need to provide students and staff with information about bed bugs, either in the student handbook or by distributing handouts, fact sheets, and pictures. Additionally, administrators should periodically remind students that they should be checking for bed bugs and reporting any signs of pests they may find.

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