BedBug Central to Meet with Japanese Pest Control Leaders to Share Bed Bug Expertise and Product Knowledge

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Submitted by BedBug Central on Sun, 2010-12-12 18:15

Following headlines in local and regional papers can easily give the impression that bed bugs have only become an epidemic in the United States. In actuality bed bugs have emerged as a global concern, as evidence by BedBug Central providing experts for France, Russia, Canada, New Zealand and most recently—Japan.

In January, BedBug Central CEO, Phillip Cooper, will travel to Japan to meet with the country’s pest management industry leaders. The purpose of this meeting is to share information on effective control and further develop business opportunities. Cooper will be leading a three-city educational tour which is being organized by Hohto-Shoji Company of Japan; a leading distribution company of pest management products to the Japanese pest industry.

“BedBug Central is fortunate to have close relationships with Japanese pest management industry leaders,” said Cooper. “This trip represents and exciting opportunity to share information about bed bug research, treatment methods and products that have been successful in the U.S.”
Other objectives of the meeting will be to understand the extent to which bed bugs pose a problem for Japan and the various treatment considerations and containment options that can be successfully applied in Japanese housing.

 Hohto Shoji has selected BedBug Central in shortening their learning curve in the development of the bed bug market. Involvement will include selection of US products to be supplied to Japan, the implementation of educational resources and the development of a Japanese version of the BedBug Central website.

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