BedBug Central Provides Insight to The Globe and Mail Newspaper About Bedbugs and Mattress Retailers.

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Canadian mattress retailers are changing years of tradition in return policies in an attempt to protect their businesses from being affected by bedbugs.  Our entomologist Jeffrey White serves as an international resource to Canada and explains that as bedbugs continue to increase, industries will be forced to rethink their practices.

“We have gone for the last 60 years without seeing bedbugs, and so a lot of our policies, protocols and procedures have not been created with bedbugs in mind,” said White.
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In the article, several Canadian mattress retailers eliminated their mattress exchange policies in hopes of preventing any bedbug infested returned furniture. While some Canadian public health officials believe that changing exchange policies may not be as effective as intended, White said eliminating mattress exchanges is a “prudent move.”

“Bedbugs are going to change the way many of our industries and parts of our society function,” said White.
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To read more about White’s advice to the furniture industry, click here or below for the PDF.


Written by: Ashley Reid, Public Relations Intern

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