BedBug Central Serves as an Expert for National Geographic’s series, "Invaders”

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Submitted by BedBug Central on Fri, 2011-11-04 12:50
Technical Director, Jeffrey White of BedBug Central, was featured on an episode of National Geographic’s international series “Invaders”. In this episode,

White provided an expert perspective on bed bugs ‘growing resistance to pesticides.

This episode of “Invaders”, which is entitled “Invaders: Bed Bug Plague”, profiled stories of individuals who have experienced infestations throughout the nation. The episode also highlighted the science of bed bugs while focusing on the anatomy of the bugs, the various types of infestations, and the likelihood of success on a treated infestation.

Check your local listings for re-airings of the episode “Invaders: Bed Bug Plague”. Click below to see Jeffrey White's portion of the episode.

“When I serve as an expert for productions like ‘Invaders’, I take particular care to ensure I’m providing quality information to the viewers,” said White. “This information should accurately convey the reality of how bed bugs are impacting the public.”

In addition to Jeffrey White’s expert perspective, National Geographic also highlighted current research and discussed common misconceptions about bed bugs. Dr. Coby Shall, entomologist, Dr. Jerome Goddard, entomologist, Mark Siddall, paristologist, Stephanie Strickler, Ph.D. candidate, and exterminators also shared their expertise and showed the tactics used to eliminate these pests.

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