BedBug Central Talks with The Huffington Post on the Effectiveness of K-9 Scent Detection

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Submitted by BedBug Central on Mon, 2011-04-11 19:02
Canine bedbug detection dogs are gaining traction with the public as a “green,” convenient and effective technique towards bedbug detection for office spaces, the hospitality industry and the average home owner. Our Vice President Richard Cooper recently provided insight to the Huffington Post as to why the successful nature of dogs is notable for bedbug detection.

Cooper said using dogs to detect
bedbugs is not only an efficient method, but also economically practical for businesses. He explained how the heightened sense of a dog allows it to detect what humans can’t and perform inspections without the bulky equipment.

"Dogs have been trained to detect lots of different things, from melanoma cancer to bombs and drugs. They can detect snakes and turtle eggs. You can train a dog to cue in on what they call a sense picture, and you may not know what's in that picture that's actually being sensed by the dog. A dog is not looking for a physical bug. It's picking up a scent cue.”
The article also highlighted some of the advantages and disadvantages of the practice and measured the success of the technique in the industry.

To see more on this article on the Huffington Post website, click here.

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