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Submitted by BedBug Central on Wed, 2011-12-21 13:34
Lawrenceville, NJ— This holiday season Bed Bug Central partnered with eight pest management firms from across the United States to donate bed bug treatment services to those in need through, Taking the Bite Out of the Holidays, their annual holiday charity.
Taking the Bite out of the Holidays, was created by research entomologist, Jeff White of Bed Bug Central, a free information resource to the public and pest professional concerning bed bugs and bed bug related issues and treatment methods.
White created the holiday charity after seeing first-hand how difficult it can be for non-profits and individuals in need to obtain effective bed bug services.
“Having dealt extensively with bed bugs, we know they can be very difficult and expensive to eliminate. We also understand there are many people out there that simply can’t afford effective treatment,” said White. “This holiday season we wanted to give back to the community and provide some relief to those in need so that they could use their money to create a happier holiday without the frustration of bed bugs.”
In order to reach as many needy individuals and charities as possible, Bed Bug Central enlisted the help of its bedbugFREE network, a network of like-minded companies that agree with philosophies and treatment methods of Bed Bug Central, and other pest management companies. Eight companies partnered to participate in the third annual holiday event.
The cumulative result of the participating pest management professionals resulted in charitable bed bug treatments taking place in New Jersey, New York, Illinois, Kansas, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Texas.
In addition, Protect-A-Bed donated 30 twin mattress encasements and PackTite donated one original PackTite to BedBug Central for the charity.
Together participating companies donated labor, products, treatments and services to homeless shelters, non-profit organizations, homeowners, and the elderly. Donated services included installing insect interceptors, applying heat treatments to facilities and infested furniture, chemical treatments and public health educational seminars.
The event’s success has prompted Bed Bug Central to continue the Taking the Bite Out of the Holidays charity as an annual event and is hoping to expand the number of participants to create a larger impact.
“We’re energized coming out of this holiday season knowing that we were able to create a positive impact in people’s lives and offer some relief,” said White. “I am personally grateful to all the PMPs that donated their resources to make this charity so successful. Based on the turnout, we plan to make this an annual event with even more participants next year.”
The eight companies are A-Alert Exterminating of Illinois, Bizzy Bees Pest Control of Texas, Cooper Pest Solutions of New Jersey, Gold Seal Pest Management of Indiana, Hassman Termite Pest Control of Kansas, McDonald Pest Control of Florida, Parkway Exterminating Co. Inc of New York, Top LevelPest Control Inc of New York.
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