BedBug Central's Jeffrey White featured in the Village Voice

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Submitted by BedBug Central on Tue, 2012-04-03 11:15
Jeffrey White, Technical Director of BedBug Central, is quoted in a recent post by the Village Voice. In this article, he discusses the abnormally warm winter in the Northeast and how this may potentially affect bed bug populations this spring and summer.

Although some seasonal pests are directly affected by warmer winter temperatures, bed bug populations on the other hand, present the unknown.

Despite this unknown, BedBug Central found that many pest control companies in the Northeast are experiencing a similar number of bed bug service calls this January and February to what they serviced in 2011.

"Most [pest control companies] were still around the same point where they were last winter," said Jeffrey White. “However, July, August, and September are typically the worst three months for bed bugs.”


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