BedBug TV Reaches Over 1 Million Views

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Submitted by BedBug Central on Wed, 2012-09-26 12:45
September marked a milestone for BedBug TV as it reached over 1 million views this month. BedBug TV is hosted by renowned research entomologist, Jeffrey White of BedBug Central.
BedBug TV began as periodic side-project for Jeffrey White in 2008, but the website and video blog has slowly become an international resource for the public and pest management professionals seeking tips, information and advice on bed bugs.
White provides viewers with hours upon hours of bed bug related information ranging from how to inspect your bed and couch at home to bed bugs appearing in schools. White also reviews products that work, insecticides, prevention tips, and treatment methods.
“It’s quite exciting to reach over 1 million views on our site,” said White. “My initial goal was to create a light-hearted but informative way for people to learn and the sites growth has exceeded my expectations over the years.”
White’s most recent episode “Different Techniques to Apply Dust for Bed Bugs” demonstrates the different devices that can be used to apply dust within the home. To view this episode click here.
In addition to serving as the host of BedBug TV, White is also a lead research entomologist for BedBug Central, a company and website created by concerned entomologists in response to the prevalence of inaccurate information about bed bugs.

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