Bedtime Worries Put to Rest

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Please click here to read this article about bed bugs on the San Diego State campus in California.

The article, Bedtime Worries Put to Rest, was an informative article about bed bugs, and there were a few important things that should be communicated about this article.

In this article, "Benita Mann, manager of custodial and maintenance services for the OHA, said there hasn't been any known bed bug problem in campus housing for some time." Whether or not a college has a problem is not very important at this time, the important thing is communication about how to prepare and being proactive about an infestation if it is reported.

On a negative note, this article discussed bed bugs being present on 'egg chairs' and that the egg chairs were apparently the only items treated. This may indicate that the people making treatment decisions may not truly understand bed bugs, because bed bugs are commonly found on couches, beds, etc. and treating the entire area that the bugs were found in would have been a better treatment approach.

Public eduaction is a critical component of bed bug management plans on University campuses. Even though they may not have bed bug problems right now, it doesn't mean one wouldn't pop up in the near future. Residence Life and students should be educated so they can identify an infestation as early as possible, which is one of the best courses of action.

In reference to the student health services, the doctor quoted is correct in saying that to identify a bed bug infestation based on bite symptoms alone can be misleading. However, understanding some common characteristics of bed bug bites, such as rows, clusters, red bumps, etc. appearing in the morning, can help raise concern and stimulate an inspection of a students room.

The student health services doctor also did not note that bed bugs can have a very severe emotional impact on people who suffer infestations, and usually those who have not suffered through a bed bug infestation do not understand the impact that one can have on someone. However, he was correct in mentioning that they are not vectors of disease.

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