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Submitted by BedBug Central on Wed, 2011-11-02 11:33
Lawrenceville, N.J.— Bird and Bee Removal of Florida, is the most recent company approved for bedbugFREE membership. Bird and Bee Removal joins an expanding national network of pest management firms committed to the guidelines and practices of BedBug Central.
Bird and Bee Removal is one of the leading pest management providers in Florida, and the company sought to become bedbugFREE for the third party verification on the quality of their services.

“After attending BedBug University the decision became obvious. We saw the potential win-win situation for both companies,” said Rolando ‘Rolie’ Calzadilla, founder of Bird and Bee Removal. “Being bedbugFREE is the reason we are actively pursuing the bedbug removal business. The support and training we received from being a bedbugFREE member, made us more effective in this aspect of our business.”

bedbugFREE is a network of “like-minded companies sharing the philosophies of BedBug Central”. All companies undergo a rigorous screening process overseen by research entomologists Rick Cooper and Jeff White. Approved companies are then listed as bedbugFREE on BedBug Central’s website and in turn, receive referrals as part of the bedbugFREE network.

BedBug Central was created in response to inaccurate information available to pest management professionals treating bed bugs and consumers faced with bed bug issues. Their website serves as an information resource for professionals and consumers regarding bed bug products, research, prevention and treatment methodology.

As a bedbugFREE approved company, Bird and Bee Removal becomes a part of the growing network of pest management firms committed to BedBug Central treatment methods.

“Being approved by BedBug Central qualifies us to supply superior treatment methods to the bedbug industry,” said Calzadilla. “Being a part of the bedbugFREE network helps to position Bird and Bee Removal as a leader in the bedbug industry.”

Companies seeking to accelerate the bedbugFREE approval process may attend BedBug University. BedBug University is a four-day course designed to shorten the learning curve of companies that want to increase bed bug revenues and enhance their bed bug business model.
Another primary aim of BedBug University is to shorten the time spent on independent research to enable pest management firms to enter the bed bug markets quickly.

BedBug Central’s seminar and website continue to serve as an authority in the bud bug sector with daily submissions to the bedbugFREE network and acknowledgement from industry leaders such as Dr. Austin Frishman, president of AMF Pest Management Services Inc. and industry consultant since 1967.

“BedBug University is the best way to learn because BedBug Central’s technicians take you out to the field and show you technology and practices,” said Dr. Frishman about BedBug University. “BedBug Central and Jeff White are the only ones with this program. I recommend that people in pest control go to secure hands-on training. If you have just started dealing with bed bugs as a pest management professional, it’s an invaluable resource.”

For more information on BedBug University or to participate in our seminars please visit or call Robert Dijoseph at 877-411-1142 ext. 1002.
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