Entrepreneurs Flock to BedBug Business to Cash In

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Entrepreneurs Flock to BedBug Business to Cash In
With Bed Bug Sales Booming, American Entrepreneur Hopefuls Flock Toward the “Gold Mine” of the Bed Bug Industry for a Chance to Cash In
Lawrenceville, N.J. –This fall the North American Bed Bug Summit attracted more than 700 attendees to Chicago, IL. While many came to increase their knowledge of bed bugs, a growing number of registrants were entrepreneurs hopeful for a chance to break into the burgeoning industry of bed bug products and services.

Hosted by BedBug Central, a national online resource that provides the public with free information related to bed bug prevention and treatment, the focus of the Summit centered on education between entomologists, bed bug experts, and various public sectors affected by bed bugs. However, with vendor attendance more than doubling since the first annual summit last year, the business of bed bugs has created a modern gold-rush mentality.

The vendors, which ranged from mom-and-pop garage operations to multimillion-dollar global organizations, each invested thousands of dollars for a chance to have exposure or the opportunity to have their product mass-produced. 

Phil Cooper, President and CEO of BedBug Central, has witnessed and capitalized on the burgeoning bed bug industry since 2003 his brother Richard Cooper, a nationally regarded entomologist began suggesting that bed bugs were poised for a major resurgence.

“The growth of the bed bug industry has been phenomenal in the past decade. Our company had the advantage of having access to one of the top entomologists in the industry who was able to predict this resurgence,” said Cooper. “This allowed us the unique opportunity to position ourselves as a top consumer website for bedbug products and information before the problem took root and became a media sensation.”

Cooper’s creation of a consumer website is not the only innovation to the bedbug industry. Many entrepreneurs from various backgrounds are using their creativity and their personal drive to create the “silver bullet”, or cure-all bed bug product that would ultimately treat, detect or prevent infestations of the pest.

Although the panacea for bedbugs has yet to be developed, many entrepreneurs are creating prevention and treatment devices to feed the demand for increasing bed bug management. Products such as ThermalStrike, a reusable, collapsible heating unit that provides a pesticide-free method for eliminating bed bugs in your luggage and other infested items, focuses primarily on the frequent business traveler who may be exposed to an infestation during a hotel stay.

Mike Lindsey, creator of the ThermalStrike left his steady engineering job to pursue the economic opportunities. With his previous invention achieving commercial success, he has now developed a self-heating suitcase, which heats up to eliminate bedbug infestations on clothing or the luggage itself.

Although prevention and treatment are essential to removing bed bug infestations, the Verifi Bed Bug Detector, was created to assist in detection. The device utilizes bed bug kairomones, pheromones and CO2 to attract and trap bed bugs.  

The boom of the bedbug industry has also segwayed into the fashion world. Along with bedbug prevention and detection products, BedBug Central began selling baseball caps on their website. The popularity of the hats spawned the concept of selling a variety of items at the North American Bed Bug Summit. Nearly $3,000 worth of clothing items including ties, t-shirts, polos, cycling jerseys, and hats where sold at the Summit. Some attendees even put in special requests for kid-size and baby clothing.

The explosion of bed bug products can have a dizzying affect on consumers overwhelmed by the number of options. More concerning is that customers will have to determine which products are valuable investment and which may not perform as advertised.

BedBug Central currently utilize a testing process ensure products they sell are able substantiate their claims. The company will soon be rolling out a seal approval process for customers to identify easily what products have been tested.   

While entrepreneurial hopefuls scramble to enter the bedbug market, Cooper understands that the rush and profits of this industry will not last forever.

“Make no mistake, eventually there will be a silver-bullet developed for bedbugs whether it’s five years from now or 10,” said Cooper. “But as long as bedbugs remain poorly understood and difficult to treat will continue to see growth in this industry. The most important thing for consumers moving forward is becoming educated”. 

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