The ESA Releases, "The History of Bed Bug Management -- With Lessons from the Past" to Provide a Comprehensive Context of Bed Bugs.

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The Entomological Society of America has recently released entomologist Dr. Michael F. Potter’s most recent article, “The History of Bed Bug Management-- With Lessons from the Past.”

The article explores the history of bed bugs and bed bug management, along with the resurgence of bed bugs today. Dr. Potter also examines the similarities between bed bugs in the past and in the present, and what can be learned from the chronological timeline of bed bug management.

Dr. Potter also reviews long-term practices that will need to be in place to effectively manage this pest in the public sphere. Dr. Potter writes:

"Perhaps the most unsettling aspect of 21st century bed bugs is that we are in uncharted territory ... The foundation of bed bug management still consists of hard work, public education, and constant vigilance to prevent or detect infestations in the early stages."
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This article is available for free online on their website for a limited time, to read Potter’s full article click the PDF below or visit the ESA website here.

Written by: Ashley Reid, Public Relations Intern

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