Experts Offer Alternative Bed Bug Treatments as Bug Bombs are Proven Ineffective

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Submitted by BedBug Central on Wed, 2012-06-20 17:01
Lawrenceville, N.J.  –  Even though recent academic research shows that bed bug foggers or “bug bombs” are ineffective against bed bugs, research entomologist Jeffrey White of BedBug Central reminds consumers that there are many preventative measures and over-the-counter products that can help kill bed bugs and reduce the cost of treatment.  
The research conducted by the Department of Entomology at Ohio State University confirms what pest management professionals have noted for years—foggers and bug bombs are ineffective and often make treatments more expensive by spreading a bed bug infestation throughout a building.
White notes that even though people suffering from bed bug infestations may be frustrated by findings that further limit do-it-yourself options, the research will empower consumers to focus on effective treatment methods. 
“These new findings may upset people searching a quick, do-it-yourself option. But, bed bugs often require complex treatment programs,” said White. “The benefit of this research is that it will enable consumers to direct their resources to effective alternatives such as OTC pesticides, prevention efforts, contacting a professional or simply becoming more knowledgeable about bed bugs.”  
Tips to reduce contact with bed bugs and products to help with infestations:
1.      Knowledgeable Professionals: The recommended way to destroy an infestation is by contacting a knowledgeable professional. Even if you decide to tackle the problem yourself, experts can advise you on the best products to use.
2.      Over-the-Counter Pesticides: Store-purchased pesticides such as Steri-Fab® will kill bed bugs on contact. This product can be used on infested mattresses and box-springs, but understand that these products are not complete treatments. Remember to follow label directions and do not over-apply as this cab spread infestations making them more difficult and more expensive to eliminate in the future. NOTE: make sure bed bugs are listed as a treatable pest on product labels.
3.      Diatomaceous Earth: This all-natural powder, made from silica-based rock, is a chemical-free way to kill bed bugs in cracks, crevices and wall voids.
4.      Mattress and Box-Spring Encasements: These will prevent bed bugs from getting inside or escaping your mattresses and box-springs and will aid in the early detection if you accidentally bring bed bugs into your home. Be sure the encasements are bed bug-proof. Encasements also offer a way to save infested mattresses. Once enclosed, bed bugs cannot escape and will eventually die.
5.      Interception Devices: Products such as ClimbUp® Insect Interceptors help prevent bed bugs from accessing beds and furniture. These devices are “pit-fall” traps that capture bed bugs as they attempt to climb on sleeping and sitting areas.
6.       Steamers: Heat is a potent tool in bed bug elimination and steamers provide a near-instant contact kill. Steamers should be equipped with a hose nozzle and be held 1 inch away from bed bugs for best results.   
7.      Get educated: Awareness is the best defense against bed bugs. These basic tips are a great starting point, but they are not comprehensive. Additional information can be found at BedBug Central, a website created by entomologists to provide the public with bed bug biology facts, in-depth methods for prevention, treatment options and more.
Using these products cannot guarantee that an infestation is eliminated—only a pest management professional can. But, these products offer effective do-it-yourself options and can be particularly effective when used with other prevention efforts.
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