FMC Corporation’s Verifi™ Shows Promise as an Affordable Detection Device

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Submitted by BedBug Central on Wed, 2011-11-23 14:00
The announcement of FMC Corporation’s Verifi™ marks the entrance of a new active bed bug detector that is being considered a serious contender based on initial research. The unit is designed to address the need for an effective detection device that is affordable enough to be installed on a large scale.

Verifi™ is an active detection device that utilizes CO2 and a chemical attractant to lure bed bugs. The unit also uses a pitfall-trap to collect insects searching out a blood meal as well as a harborage area that exploits the insect’s tendency to congregate in cracks and crevices.

According to FMC, the dispersal of the attractants enables the Verifi™ to lure bed bugs for up to 90 days, creating an opportunity for on-going detection in low-level and mid-level infestations. 

BedBug Central (BBC) was recruited by FMC Corp. to participate in product development and preliminary testing. Rutgers University along with Dr. Susan Jones of Ohio State University and Dr. Phil Koehler with the University of Florida also participated in preliminary testing.  

If the indications of initial testing are confirmed during field-testing, the Verifi™ represents a viable option for on-going, affordable and effective bed bug detection. Each unit will be priced around $27 allowing for wide-spread detection in both residential and commercial properties.

The BedBug Central team is currently finalizing pricing models for detections services built around the Verifi™ that emphasis long-term and scalable detection. Our team is also developing specific protocols for the hospitality sector.

Field-testing will begin in January once the unit becomes available to the public. We will keep bedbugFREE members informed as we begin to collect data of performance and efficacy in field settings.

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