Health Reporter Investigates the Anxiety and Mental Health Issues Linked to Bed Bugs

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When people think about bed bugs they often only consider the physical and financial harm associated with having an infestation. More recently, however, psychologists, entomologists and journalist are paying close attention to the emerging studies associating bed bugs with harmful psychological effects.

After attending the BedBug Central’s North American Bed Bug Summit, reporter Brook Borel of YouBeauty connected with speakers Dr. Caleb Adler, MD from the University of Cincinnati and Dr. Michael Potter, and entomologist from the University of Kentucky along with other experts to investigate the psychological effects associated with bed bugs.

Dr. Potter pointed to a recent survey that identified some of the most common reactions to bed bugs:

“In a large 2010 survey by Michael Potter, Ph.D., an entomologist from the University of Kentucky, people with bed bug infestations reported insomnia, emotional distress, anxietystress, paranoia and depression, to name just a partial list. Potter presented his perspective on these psychological impacts at the 2011 BedBug University North American Summit—a conference for scientists, pest control companies and industry leaders—earlier this fall.”  
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Dr. Adler, who is an associate professor of psychiatry and neuroscience at the University of Cincinnati noted that it is normal to experience some anxiety of bed bugs and has interacted with numerous patients that:

“Frequently experience modest levels of stress over how to get rid of the critters and how much it will cost. Some also suffer from mild hallucinations that phantom bugs are crawling on them.”
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Unfortunately, some reactions have been more severe and tragic, as illustrated in a case study presented at the American Psychiatric Association’s annual meeting by New York psychiatrist Evan Rieder, M.D.

To see the full article and learn about this case study and the things people can do to help minimize that negative psychological effects:

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