Hospitality Conference Addresses Bed Bug Liabilities

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Hospitality Conference Addresses Bed Bug Liabilities
“Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite You in Court” Explores the Realities of Bed Bug Management and Litigation in Hospitality
Lawrenceville, N.J. (January, 29, 2010)— The 2010 Hospitality Lawyer Conference on Feb. 4 is presenting an educational seminar about bed bug management and liability risks in Houston, TX. The discussion panel will feature renowned research entomologist Richard Cooper, vice president of, Bed Bug Central and attorney, Christian Hardigree.
The hour-long seminar sponsored by Protect-A-Bed® is titled, “Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite You in Court”. From 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., attendees will be given a valuable opportunity to learn more about proactively managing bed bug infestations and their associated liabilities for hotels. Mitch Miller, of Miller Law Group, will moderate the event.
The event’s speakers bring a wealth of knowledge from their related industries. Richard Cooper is a leading research entomologist on bed bug education, prevention and management. As vice president of Bed Bug Central, Cooper frequently speaks to audiences throughout the nation, educating the pest control industry, various consumer industries and government agencies on issues surrounding bed bugs.
Accompanying Cooper is Christian Hardigree, an attorney with Parnell & Associates. Hardigree is also a law professor at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas and an expert on beg bug legal issues. Hardigree has spoken to numerous groups on bed bug litigation, educating the hospitality industry on the legal pitfalls inherent in today’s litigious society.
According to Cooper, bed bugs are not discriminating in the areas they choose to infest as long they have access to a blood meal. As a result, hotels across the nation have become transportation hubs for these insects as well as ideal feeding grounds.
“Bed Bugs have clearly become a pervasive problem that is impacting every economic level,” said Cooper. “The insect can be found in both affluent hotels that are impeccably maintained, as well as accommodations with less up keep. Unless the hospitality industry properly is informed, these insects can represent a significant liability risk.”
According to Perta Minoff-Michael, vice president in Protect-A-Bed’s hospitality division, when a hotel property encounters bed bugs, business suffers almost immediately and damage to the infested hotel’s reputation can take years to repair. Infestations have also resulted in the proliferation of lawsuits against hotel owners.
“Most bed bug lawsuits result from a hotel’s response to a claim,” Minoff-Michael says. “Counseling clients and defending legal claims require a counselor to understand all of the legal issues that potentially come with it.”
The panel discussion is designed to address the complexities surrounding an infestation. “The seminar will discuss the myths and realities of bed bug management and litigation, Minoff-Michael says. “We’ll look at specific cases, court analysis and practical strategies. We want attendees to walk away from this session with the ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts for responding to guest complaints.”
“In the end, we hope attendees are equipped with the knowledge to put a proactive plan in place to help mitigate potential implications related to a bed bug lawsuit,” Minoff-Michael said. “We would like to give them the knowledge they need to defending legal claims when they are brought against a hotel property.”
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