In-House Bed Bug Boot Camp - Feb. 19 - 22

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Learn firsthand how you can offer a 5 month NO BUGS, NO BITE guarantee, while virtually eliminating prep work for your clients … That’s what BedBug University Boot Camp is all about!


BedBug University: Boot Camp is an intensive four-day course taught by Jeffrey White and other instructors from BedBug Central designed to shorten the learning curve of companies that want to boost their bed bug revenue and enhance their bed bug business model. In these four-days you will learn BedBug Central’s LIMITED PREP protocol allowing you to provide the NO BUGS, NO BITES guarantee to your customers.
Tuesday, February 19 through Friday, February 22, 2013
BedBug University: Boot Camp is held at the BedBug Central Corporate Headquarters located in Lawrenceville, New Jersey
What’s on the Agenda?
Day 1: Explore bed bugs. Learn about bed bug biology, behavior, history, background, research, etc. Receive a complete overview of the technical aspect of our LIMITED PREP protocol and how you can offer NO BUGS, NO BITES guarantees to your customers. Experience a hands-on introduction and training with the tools we utilize.
Day 2: Explore bed bug treatment in the field and put what you’ve learned from day 1 to the test. The success of our field program lies in the 3-1 student to teacher ratio where students receive the focused attention of our instructors.
Day 3: A comprehensive day of training on building your markets, business models, the unique legal challenges of bed bugs and all other business aspects of bed bugs.
Day 4: Explore advanced topics and get a complete review of the first three days reinforcing the concepts you have learned. The day formally ends at noon, however for companies with a desire to become bedbugFREE members the day is extended until 4:00pm to complete the application process and reach the stated goals of becoming a bedbugFREE member … the culmination of the BedBug University experience!
To register, contact Rob DiJoseph at, call (877) 411-114 or visit for more information.


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