How To Stay Bed Bug Free When Traveling This Holiday Weekend

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As travelers from all over prepare to hit the road for Memorial Day weekend, there are some very simple tips and products to help you stay bed bug free. 

BedBug Central's Jeff White says, “Bed bugs have proven to be a persistent and complicated pest to treat once they have infested a home. Fortunately there are very simple and affordable precautions people can take that will greatly reduce their risk of exposure during travel.” 

Watch Jeff's BedBug TV episode "A Few Easy Steps to Avoid Bed Bugs When You Travel" for even more info:


6 Simple Tips to Stay Bed Bug Free This Travel Season: 

Before Departure: Steps to follow before leaving 

Encase your mattresses and box springs before leaving – This proactive step will prevent bed bugs from getting inside your mattresses and box springs and will aid in the early detection if you accidentally bring bed bugs home with you. Be sure the encasements are bed bug proof. When returning home, you should periodically inspect these encasements. Addtional travel products. 

Destination Arrival: Ensuring a bed bug free visit. 

Keep your distance—Physical barriers are a great deterrent against bed bugs. When you arrive at a hotel keep your luggage closed and away from bed bug prone areas such as the bed, closets, nightstands and furniture. Most hotel rooms have luggage racks, so use them. 

Conduct a basic visual inspection of the hotel bed—Well-established bed bug infestations may be detected by pulling back the bed linens and checking the visible edges of the mattress and box spring. You are looking for evidence of live bugs, dark brownish to black spots/stains or shed skins from bed bugs. This is a very simple but important step.

 Returning Home: The final step in bed bug prevention.


Head straight for the laundry room—When you arrive home, it is advised that clothing be immediately hot laundered or heat-dried when possible. Sustained temperature of 120 degrees or higher will kill all life stages of bed bugs. For people that need to carry luggage through their home to get to the laundry room, dissolvable laundry bags are a safe transportation solution and can prevent bed bugs from dropping off throughout the house or portable heating units can heat treat entire luggage cases. 

Leave it to a pro— Bed bugs are a complex pest and self-treating often leads to complicating and even spreading an infestation. This will add a hefty price tag to what may have been a small job. If you think you have bed bugs, contact a pest management company that is trained in bed bug treatment.

Get educated—The best tip for traveling bed bug free is self-education. For more travel tips and bed bug information, visit BedBugs101. This website provides the public with bed bug biology facts, in depth methods for prevention, treatment options and more.  

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