Incorrect Portrayal of D.I.Y Bed Bug Monitor May Lead to Misuse

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Misrepresentation of the D.I.Y. Dry Ice Bed Bug Trap as a Control Tool 

Misrepresentation of the dry ice bed bug monitor, its intended use and end results have been inaccurately portrayed in media coverage. Several weeks ago, the concept of an affordable do-it-yourself, dry ice bed bug monitor was released to the public by Rutgers University and Dr. Changlu Wang.

Richard Cooper and Jeff White, research entomologists of

Bed Bug Central and participants in the study, have observed that in some cases major news outlets have misrepresented the appropriate uses and the underlying safety issues surrounding the device.

Since the concept’s release, this device has been portrayed in the media as a tool that can be used by the public for controlling, or eliminating bed bugs.

This incorrect coverage may prompt readers and viewers to use this device for bed bug control and elimination purposes. The device is strictly a detection device and is not intended to control bed bugs.

Cooper and White, are duly concerned that this media coverage could lead the public, and possibly even pest management professionals to deploy the DIY dry ice trap in an effort to control bed bug infestations. In addition, they have concerns that the media failed to point out the potential for injury resulting from the improper handling and use of dry ice.

Bed Bug Central’s entomologists believe that when the device is used properly the trap does provide a great benefit to individuals that are trying to ascertain if bed bugs exist in their homes, especially those that cannot afford professional services. While the DIY trap is a great tool for home use, Cooper and White feel that pest control companies should utilize professional-grade bed bug monitors, not home-made traps, when performing commercial services. For more information on this subject, please visit links. below.

VIDEO LINK Entomologist Jeff White’s video statement on the dry ice monitor: 

Inaccurate media coverage:



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