Jeff’s 180- City Officials Simply Refuse to Deal with Bedbugs Until Someone Else Solves the Problem

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Submitted by BedBug Central on Thu, 2011-04-07 11:53
Richmond City, KY is currently struggling with how to best deal with discarded roadside furniture that has been infested by bedbugs. Among their fears are exposing sanitation workers to bedbugs and endangering the environment with excessive use of chemicals.  
Until cost effective and widely adoptable solutions are found, some city officials have flat out refused to deal with the problem. One city manager was quoted as saying the following:  
“I have not and do not intend to send anyone down there to pick it (refuse) up when it has bed bugs,” --- excerpts
In 180 seconds, research entomologist Jeffrey White of BedBug Central responds to the widespread sentiment of refusal to actively deal with bed bugs. White also offers a variety of solutions that Richmond city council members should consider as they see to address the problem.
You can view the video below or by following this link. For additional analysis on this topic read out in-depth article here.

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