The Journal of Environmental Health Releases, “Bedbugs, Public Health, and Social Justice--a Call to Action,” for Public Health Officials.

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“Bedbugs, Public Health, and Social Justice: Part 1, A Call to Action,” was a recent article published by the Journal of Environmental Health, to provide an in-depth look at the dangers and possible consequences of a lack of response to bedbugs from the public health community.

In this article, entomologist Dr. Susan C. Jones and public health official Christopher Eddy advocates that public health agencies should be actively engaging in the bedbug response effort to reduce and clarify the medical concerns and address social injustices that may be present in highly affected areas.

The authors explore the effects bedbugs have on human health, and also suggest that research should be increased to answer the unsure correlation between bedbugs and the transmission of human disease. With bedbugs increasing in numbers, the health risk concern amongst citizens heightens.

“Evidence for disease transmission by bed bugs is lacking." This is not equivalent to the often said, yet incorrect, statement that "bedbugs do not transmit disease." Goddard & deShazo (2009) also noted that "evidence for disease transmission by bed bugs is equivocal." Contemporary research is urgently needed on this issue.”
Dr. Jones and Eddy also raise the possible environmental and social justice concerns that can develop in underserved communities due to lack of resources. These environments represent a social justice issue as citizens unable to afford treatment are thereby more susceptible to improper management or no management at all, increasing the overall health risks.

“Tenants in underserved communities may be exposed needlessly to excessive volumes of pesticides, misapplied by residents in efforts to control difficult insect infestations where cleaning may be impossible due to dilapidated structures (Srinivasan, O'Fallon, & Dearry, 2003).”
--- excerpts @ Journal of Environmental Health

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Written by: Ashley Reid, Public Relations Intern

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