KXAS Dallas and NBC Affiliates Air Different Slant on Bed Bugs

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LAWRENCEVILLE, N.J. – Preventing bed bugs from traveling home with the unsuspecting vacation or business traveler is the focus of NBC Dallas-Fort Worth in its news story. KXAS takes a different approach to the bed bug problem in looking at the steps the public can take to avoid bringing them home.  As the bed bug problem has grown over the past few years so have the horror stories of infestations along with accompanying stories on bed bug infestations.

The story features unique products designed to prevent the introduction of bed bugs into dwellings which include special bed bug mattress encasements, luggage spray, dissolvable laundry bags, and a book that has been written on the subject, “The Complete Guide to Traveling Bed Bug Free”.

Encounters with bed bugs during family or business travel are a growing problem throughout the US and an unsuspecting public is the victim.  In many cases travelers are ill informed as to the potential problems that await if they stay in a room that is bed bug infested.  The problem has spread to all types of accommodations throughout the

US and four star hotels are not excluded.

Eliminating bed bugs once they are introduced into the home can be both difficult and expensive. However, there are some simple steps the public can take to reduce the risk of bringing the unwanted guests home with them when they travel.

Entomologist Richard Cooper, recognized as the leading industry expert on bed bugs and co-author of the authoritative text on bed bugs, “Bed Bug Handbook – The Complete Guide to Bed Bugs & Their Control”, is featured in the NBC story.  Cooper stated, ”It is great to see the media look at the proactive things the public can do to prevent the spread of these insipid pests.  I hope this story will raise public awareness.”

Phillip Cooper, President of Bed Bug Central is also interviewed in the story and discusses the trauma associated with the bugs, “Once they get into the house or into your dwelling, it’s very expensive to get rid of and very troubling and traumatic. So you want to avoid getting them in the first place,” said

Phil Cooper .

Bed Bug Central has become one of the leading resources for free bed bug information as well as products the public can purchase in the battle against bed bugs.  Information can be found at www.bedbugcentral.com.

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