NBC Taps Bedbug Central to Explain the Expected Bedbug Surge this Summer

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Submitted by BedBug Central on Wed, 2011-04-13 17:44
New York City residents are being advised by our research entomologist, Jeffrey White to prepare for increased bedbug activity this summer,. After seeing a major increase in infestations from last year, the city is expecting to see numbers soar in terms of bedbug cases for the summer.

Our research entomologist White provided insight to the NBC as to what to expect from bedbugs this summer, and why the big city will see a sudden increase in numbers.
"If we combine the seasonal trends, with the bugs getting more and more embedded in our community, that allows the bugs to make that resurgence all the more stronger," White said at the seminar, according to the News.
----excerpt @NBCnewyork.com
 To read more about White’s advice to New York City, see the full story on NBC’s website here.

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