New Jersey Property Owners Get Serious About Bed Bugs

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New Jersey Property Owners Get Serious About Bed Bugs
The Property Owners Association of N.J. Hosts a Seminar to Assess the Risks Bed Bugs Pose to Multi-family Property Owners
Lawrenceville, N.J. (March 01, 2010)—Property owners in the garden state will have an opportunity to learn about the considerable financial and legal risks that bed bugs pose to their assets and residents at a seminar held by Property Owners Association of New Jersey (POANJ) March 10.
POANJ is an educational association developed for multi-family property owners in New Jersey. The association focuses on providing information, legal resources and educational opportunities to enable property owners to manage their property with greater efficiency.
The association’s upcoming seminar titled, “Bed Bug Infestations: How to Cope” will be held at the Wilshire Grand in West Orange, NJ and will address the latest bed bug legal information,    the factors that drive up the costs of bed bug treatments, and solutions to manage long term costs, while providing effective extermination results.
Kelly Voicheck, an organizer for POANJ, said that bed bugs were chosen as a seminar topic due to increasing concerns from property managers.
“The decision to hold a bed bug meeting wasn’t really optional,” said Voicheck. “Our membership research has shown a significant outpouring of concern about bed bugs. Information about these insects can no longer be ignored without serious financial detriment.”
To speak on the complex issue of bed bugs, POANJ recruited renowned research entomologist Richard Cooper, vice president of Bed Bug Central. Cooper will present strategies for containing potentially steep bed bug treatment costs as well as the latest and most effective prevention and treatment methods.
“If bed bugs are not carefully considered when creating a maintenance program or planning a management budget, the insect can represent a debilitating financial loss,” said Cooper. “This is especially important considering the direction of New Jersey housing laws.”
POANJ has also invited attorneys from Brach Eichler L.L.C. and Levy, Ehrlich & Petriello law offices to hold a bed bug legal forum to discuss recent case rulings and the liability concerns facing landlords and property owners.
Attendance for this event will reach approximately 200 attendees, enabling the audience to have a greater majority of their concerns addressed during the forum portions of the seminar.
Registration for the event is still open. For more information about POANJ or their bed bug seminar please visit



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