Non-Profit Receives Donation Worth $3,500 to Deliver Bed Bug Free Furniture in Time for the Holidays

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Non-Profit Receives Donation Worth $3,500 to Deliver Bed Bug Free Furniture in Time for the Holidays

BedBug Central Helps Interfaith Furnishings Receives a Heat Chamber Worth $3,500 that Will Help Ensure Furniture Donations to Those in Need are Bed Bug Free.
Randolph, N.J.—Local not-for-profit organization, Interfaith Furnishings, provides families in need with bed bug free furniture thanks to a donation worth $3,500 from Cooper Pest Solutions and BedBug Central. The facility has been unable to provide their client’s with beds for several months due to the risk of spreading bed bugs.

Interfaith Furnishing is a New Jersey-based organization that was created to provide donated furniture to families in need. The donation received on Dec. 4 was part of a national charitable event known as, Taking the Bite Out of the Holidays.

 According to Co-director of Interfaith Furnishing, Mary Jo Welch, the facility has not been able to provide beds and other furnishings for families in need for more than six months for of spreading bed bugs.

“Some of the clients we serve need furniture so desperately, but because bed bugs are a concern we simply could not send beds out,” said Welch. “This donation will be a wonderful help because we can be confident that we are sending items out in the best condition possible.”

Local pest management firm, Cooper Pest Solutions of Lawrenceville, NJ donated the materials, time and labor needed to construct a portable heat chamber that is capable of reaching temperatures of up to 130 degrees—temperatures that will kill bed bugs almost immediately.

With the new heat chamber in place, Interfaith Furnishing will begin sending out mattresses and bedding to more than 60 families in need that have submitted requests weeks ago.

CEO of Cooper Pest Solutions, Phil Cooper, wanted to provide Interfaith Furnishings with a donation that would enable them to manage what could a have been a costly bed bug problem with relative ease.

“Bed bugs can be an extraordinarily expensive pest to treat. That fact is especially true for non-profits or those with limited financial means,” said Cooper. “We decided to donate a heat chamber to Interfaith Furnishings to provide them with an affordable and continually reusable method for eliminating bed bugs.”

The charitable event, Taking the Bite Out of the Holidays, is organized BedBug Central, an authoritative and free resource for information on bed bugs and bed bug related issues concerning health, prevention, and treatment methods.

The contributions made by Cooper Pest Solutions are just a small part of BedBug Central’s, Taking the Bite Out of the Holidays as the company has partnered with 25 pest management firms across the country to make the charitable program and national event.

Jeffrey White is a research entomologist with BedBug Central and the visionary behind Taking the Bite Out of the Holidays. White acknowledges that the goal of this program is to provide relief and comfort over the holidays.

“Bed bugs can be very expensive to eliminate. This holiday season we wanted to give back to the community and provide some relief to those in need so that they can use their money to create a happier holiday without the frustration of dealing with bed bugs,” said White. 

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About Interfaith Furnishings
Founded in 2004, Interfaith Furnishings (a 501c3) is the combined effort of ten faith communities in Randolph, New Jersey. The charity picks up furniture donations from those who can give – and provides them to those in need.

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