NYC Artist Creates a Humorous but Useful Bed Bug Public Service Announcement

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Submitted by BedBug Central on Wed, 2010-05-05 15:03

Freelance artist, Liza Biggers of New York City has created a humorous, engaging, and mostly-accurate public service announcement (PSA) after she was recently beset by a bed bug infestation. Perhaps the most interesting about the piece is the fact that it is entirely illustrated as a graphic-novel—the first that BedBug Central has ever seen.  Here’s a quick example:

For those faint of heart, be advised that there is an instance of colorful language. But with that small caveat aside, we are all for this form of expression. We have seen recently witnessed televised and printed bed bug PSAs completely miss their mark in terms of creating public awareness.
Any new material that can engage diverse audiences in a meaningful way and can create awareness for demographics that may not consume in traditional media is certainly welcome. BedBug Central tips its hat to Ms. Biggers and her creativity. Here’s to wishing Ms. Biggers the best of luck with her bed bug treatments.
For the full version of Liza Biggers’ PSA please follow the link below:



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