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What is Phil Across America

Phil Cooper, CEO of Cooper Pest Solutions and BedBug Central is biking across the US on behalf of Multiple Sclerosis, June 1 to August 1, 2012.

Phil’s mission to raise money to help find a cure for MS began nearly 28 years ago. In May of 1984, as a George Washington University senior, he had hoped to bike across the country in celebration of his graduation. It was an idea of grandeur but due to a variety of factors his dream was put on hold.  Since then, Phil made it his personal goal to bike across the US on his 50th birthday.

Phil saw the fulfillment of his dream as an opportunity to better the world and made a difference in the lives of many.  Since 1984, Phil has ridden thousands of charitable miles raising over $250,000 and creating awareness for Multiple Sclerosis.  He, along with his family, friends and the Cooper Pest Solutions; team, have been tirelessly involved in the MS1550 City to Shore ride each year in New Jersey.  But, with the approach of his 50th birthday (July 11, 2012), Phil is set to put his involvement, passion and 28 year-old dream to the test.

Phil will bike over 3,700 miles, over 60 days, traveling through 9 states and thousands of towns and cities. He will join 17 other riders going coast to coast as part of the Bike the US for MS TransAtlantic Ride

In true Phil Cooper spirit and keeping with his personal mission, he has organized PhilAcrossAmerica to layer over-top of the Bike the US for MS effort.  PhilAcrossAmerica is about bringing getting cyclists involved who cannot make the entire journey.

Whether it is one day or a week, Phil is making it easy for others to get involved.  Phil is supplying each rider with a brand new Fuji bike, sleeping accommodations, food nutrition and most importantly fun. By clicking on Join the Ride, the PhilAcrossAmerica team will spring into action and get everything set.

PhilAcrossAmerica is also about raising further awareness about MS as Phil will relate stories about those afflicted and how their families have dealt with the challenges the disease brings. Finally, it is about raising money for two charities, the National MS Society and Bike the US for MS.

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