Product Review: Book - "Bed Bugs Uncovered"

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Bed Bugs Uncovered

Reviewed By Bart Jones

After being virtually extinct since World War II, bed bugs have reappeared in the last 5 years at an alarming rate across the United States. In response to this resurgence, "Bed Bugs Uncovered" attempts to provide basic information on bed bugs, how to prevent them and what to do if you were unfortunate enough to find bed bugs in your home. It is unclear who the author of this text is, the book that we purchased states that it was written by Chris Jones. Subsequently, the same book was seen on the internet on a different website that appears to indicate that the book was written by Gretha Filak. Regardless of who the author actually is the text offers little insight that is not readily available on quality web sites.

Although some of the information presented is accurate, there are inaccurate statements and surprising remarks made throughout the publication. One example of such a remark is "In fact, they (bed bugs) would prefer to live in a home that is clean anyways." At this moment there's no research that indicates whether bed bugs prefer clean or dirty environments, and if you speak with industry experts they will all agree that personal hygiene and tidiness have nothing to do with the chance that you experience an infestation of bed bugs. In addition to inaccurate information and remarks, there are many typographical errors in the publication and the authors writing. style makes the book difficult to read. If you are looking for information on bed bug biology and behavior, there is an abundance of accurate information that can be found on many different trustworthy, university and trade websites.

Even though this publication does have some accurate information, it is not worth the money to have to sift through the misinformation to gain insight that can be found on free, quality websites.

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