Researchers Create an Affordable D-I-Y Bed Bug Detector

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Researchers at Rutgers University have put together an effective do-it-yourself bed bug detector using affordable and easily accessible household products. With bed bug treatment costs able to reach thousands of dollars, an effective and affordable bed bug detector is an exciting development.
The detector offers the public an affordable tool that can assist in confirming their suspicions about a potential infestation.
Dr. Wan-Tien Tsai and Dr. Changlu Wang developed the $15 bed bug monitor using an empty milk container, cat-feeding dish, talcum powder (baby powder) and dry ice that can be requested at grocery stores. Assembly for the detector was determined to be simple and can be found at the link provided below.
During tests in real apartments, the homemade detector attracted bed bugs as well, or better, than professional and commercially available exterminating equipment, Tsai said December 16 at the annual meeting of the Entomological Society of America.
While the detector cannot eliminate bed bugs, it may serve as an important measure in determining if a bed bug infestation is present. To view the full story and assembly directions on the D-I-Y bed bug detector click here.



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