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Learn how you can offer a 5 month NO BUGS, NO BITE guarantee, while virtually eliminating prep work for your clients … Seriously, that’s what BedBug University Boot Camp is all about!
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January 10 – 11, 2013
Valley Forge Casino Resort – King of Prussia, PA

Start the New Year off with a unique learning experience offered by BedBug Central in conjunction with the Pennsylvania Pest Management Association and Residex. BedBug University: Boot Camp Road Show is a two-day intensive education program focused on all aspects of dealing with bedbugs.
Taught by instructors from BedBug Central attendees will learn how to run or manage a successful bed bug program and our LIMITED PREP protocol, which guarantees elimination and NO BUGS, NO BITES for five months.
BedBug University Sessions include:
  • Bed Bugs 101 - Basics of bed bug biology, behavior, history, etc.
  • Bed Bugs 102 - Protocol Overview- technical aspects of treating bed bugs
  • Bed Bugs 201 - Tools of the Trade- live demonstrations of the tools and how to use them
  • Bed Bugs 301 - The business of bed bugs
In addition to the educational sessions, there will be a product/services showcase including exhibits from the leaders in the bed bug industry.
For more information or to register please visit: PA Boot Camp Registration

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