Reuters’ Focuses on the Evolving Business of Bed Bug Treatment

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Submitted by BedBug Central on Tue, 2011-10-04 12:29
During the 2011 North American Bed Bug Summit, Reuters’ interviewed BedBug Central’s president, Phil Cooper, and research entomologist, Jeffrey White, about the presence and future of bed bugs in the pest management industry. Cooper stated that the ubiquitous nature of bed bugs will be ongoing; however it is important to incorporate education into the prevention and treatment of this pest.  

"It [bed bugs] will become like roaches and ants. They’re not going anywhere. We will deal with bed bugs the rest of our lives," said Phillip Cooper, chief executive officer of BedBug Central.
-quote excerpt from Fox News

The article highlighted Dr. Kenneth Haynes of the University of Kentucky, who discussed how the industry is trying to eliminate the stigma of a bed bug infestation. Many vendors commented on the business of bed bugs. Product innovators are hoping to not only aid in the successful removal of bed bugs, but to aspire to their own entrepreneurial ambitions.

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