Rutgers University and Richard Cooper Use EPA Grant to Fight Bedbugs in New Jersey Communities

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Submitted by BedBug Central on Wed, 2011-04-20 17:39
Research entomologist Richard Cooper of BedBug Central will be working in conjunction with Rutgers University using the recently awarded EPA grant to service the NJ  communities by developing programs and educational materials to promote greater public awareness about bedbugs. Additionally, grant funds will also be used to further develop affordable bedbug remediation treatments.
Cooper recently stated his excitement for the project and some of its key components in a prominent NJ publication. One of the areas of focus will be to assist the lower socio-economic community where bedbug infestations are severe due to the inability to afford treatments.

The spread of bedbugs into poor communities is worrisome on multiple levels, he said. It reinforces the erroneous notion that bedbugs are a problem of the poor, he said….”Prior to 2006, bedbugs weren’t really affecting the lower socio-economic sector,” Cooper said.

“This was a middle- and upper-class problem,” which first drew attention through infestations at executive business-traveler hotels.

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Along with servicing lower income communities, the project will help develop new educational outreach techniques for communities throughout NJ. Although the use of the grant will be used for communities in NJ, the strategies developed will have national implications.
“We need to understand how to manage bedbugs in affordable housing,” he said, “if we’re going to try to control them on a national level.”
To read more about the grant’s use and Cooper’s advice about bedbug prevention, click here to read the full story.

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