Three New Companies Added to bedbugFREE Network

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Submitted by BedBug Central on Mon, 2013-03-18 16:32
Three New Companies Have Been Added to the Always Growing bedbugFREE Network
Pest Patrol, Gary’s Termite & Pest Control and Mathis Exterminating Have Just Gained Membership to the bedbugFREE Approved Roster
Lawrenceville, N.J. — Pest Patrol, Gary’s Termite & Exterminating and Mathis Exterminating are the most recent companies approved for bedbugFREE membership. These three companies join an expanding national network of pest management firms committed to the guidelines and practices of BedBug Central.
All companies undergo a rigorous screening process overseen by research entomologists Rick Cooper and Jeffrey White to become bedbugFREE  members. bedbugFREE is a network of “like-minded” companies sharing the philosophies of BedBug Central. Once approved, companies are then listed as bedbugFREE on BedBug Central’s website and in turn, receive referrals through the bedbugFREE network.
About Pest Patrol:
Pest Patrol, out of Southwest Texas is a family owned and operated company servicing regions of Central and West Texas since 1992. Always trying to stay ahead of their competition Pest Patrol can now market, inspect, monitor and provide treatments with greater knowledge and understanding after attending BedBug Central’s BedBug University: Boot Camp.
“We are excited about becoming bedbugFREE,” said Weldon Hurt, owner of Pest Patrol. “This will now give us a better sense of confidence knowing we are ahead of our competition and can better serve our customers. Learning the new prep methods at Boot Camp will allow us to inform our customers better about what to expect before and during treatment.”
About Gary’s Termite & Pest Control:
Gary’s Termite & Pest Control has been providing pest control and bed bug services to Northeast, Texas for over a decade. Skilled in all phases of pest management, they strive on being family and budget-friendly, while still delivering the best results possible.
 “Pest control is a strategy, not a commodity,” says Gary Johnson, owner of Gary’s Termite & Pest Control. “At Gary’s we pride ourselves in taking the time to educate our customer, being proactive in our efforts, and doing things right the first time. Becoming bedbugFREE our customers will now have the peace of mind in knowing that we are current in the latest technologies and approaches to bed bug control.”  
About Mathis Exterminating:
Mathis Exterminating has been offering outstanding pest control and extermination services since 1992, servicing Washington state from Olympia up through Seattle. Mathis is an industry leader through continuous innovation, advanced pest control techniques and eco-friendly green pest control methods. Always searching for more effective methods, tools and products to service their customers, Mathis found BedBug Central’s BedBug University and their bedbugFREE network.
“We wanted to become bedbugFREE for a couple of reasons,” said Elmer Bensinger, Corporate Sales & Service Manager of Mathis Exterminating.  BedBug Central leads the way in bedbug research and training.  Also, being part of an organization that is as passionate and dedicated to its members and their companies, made my decision easy.”
Companies seeking to accelerate the bedbugFREE approval process may attend BedBug University: Boot Camp. BedBug University: Boot Camp is a four-day course designed to shorten the learning curve of companies that want to increase their bed bug revenues and enhance their bed bug business model. Another primary aim of BedBug University is to shorten the time spent on independent research to enable pest management firms to enter the bed bug markets quickly.
About BedBug Central
BedBug Central serves as the nation’s most authoritative information resource and website available to the public for information concerning bed bugs and bed bug related issues concerning health, prevention, and treatment methods.
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