Taking the Bite Out of the Holidays - Company Application

BedBug Central is looking for pest control companies to help give back to those in need this holiday season! Taking the Bite Out Of the Holidays, which started in 2009, is a charitable program sponsored by BedBug Central that offers free bed bug services to those in need who are suffering from bed bug infestations and cannot afford the required treatment to better their living situation.

This year, BedBug Central wants you! We are using our resources to help match participating companies with those in need. We are searching for pest management professionals across the country looking to donate their services for charity and give back to those in need who are suffering from bed bugs this holiday season.

Sign up today to give back to your community this holiday season!

How-to Donate Your Services to Those In-Need

If your pest control company is interested in contributing services this year, there's two ways you can submit your company: 

  1.  Fill out our Submission Form 
  2. Email BedBug Central at takingthebite@bedbugcentral.com

Together we can make a difference this holiday season!


In reference to the charitable drive “Taking the Bite Out of the Holidays,” BedBug Central has no affiliation with the pest control company providing service (unless the pest control company rendering service has been approved as a bedbugFREE company, www.bedbugcentral.com/bedbugfree) and does not guarantee or approve any aspect of that service regardless if the company providing service is part of the bedbugFREE network.  Any bed bug contract and/or service rendered (including any guarantee or warranty) as part of the charitable drive “Taking the Bite Out of the Holidays”  is solely between the client and pest control service provider.

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