Bed Bugs and Vacuums

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In this episode Jeff will explain the role a vacuum can play when attempting to removing bed bugs from your home, the right vacuum to choose for this job and the things you should be aware of when using a vacuum to remove bugs.  Vacuums can play a critical role in bed bug control and management because they can remove a large number of bed bugs from a home in a short amount of time.  By doing so, you dont have to worry about pesticide tolerant or resistant bugs because instead of spraying the bugs with pesticide, you are removing them from the home.  When choosing a vacuum, it is recommended that you use a vacuum that empties into a bag because bed bugs have been shown to be able to live inside a vacuum and when you are done vacuuming bed bugs with a vacuum that bags you can dispose of the vacuum bag in an outdoor trash receptacle.  If you choose a HEPA filter vacuum, although they can be good vacuums, they can be difficult to completely empty out and therefore bed bugs and their eggs may live inside the vacuum and reinfest your home.
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