Bed Bugs, Body Hair and Bear Costumes

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Submitted by BedBug Central on Wed, 2011-12-21 00:00

In this episode, Jeff will talk about a recent study that was released online that demonstrated that bed bugs chose to feed on a subjects arm that was shaved rather than feed on an arm covered in hair.  This study suggested that bed bugs do not like to feed on bodies covered in hair.  This has long been a theory of many experts in the industry because a bed bugs has a difficult time getting access to blood when hair covers the body and walking on body hair also makes it more likely that the person may wake up.  That being said, this is a warning to those reading this study and thinking of ways to use this information to help in the battle against bed bugs.  Just because a body has hair on it does not mean bed bugs will not feed on a person.  Therefore letting your body hair grow or wearing a hairy costume to bed will not protect you from bed bugs feeding on you.  This study is intended to shed light on the behavioral ecology of bed bugs and suggest that bodies covered in hair (dogs, cats, etc…) may be less likely to be fed on by bed bugs if they have a hairless body close by.

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