Bed Bugs in the Workplace

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In this episode, Jeff will explain how bed bugs are typically introduced into the workplace, how to inspect the area around your desk and some things office managers can consider when thinking about ongoing bed bug monitoring programs.  Unfortunately, bed bugs in the workplace are becoming more and more common.  What typically happens is that someone has a problem at home and accidentally transports a bed bug into the office on a bag or article of clothing and the bug proceeds to walk off of the item.  Typically, when the area is inspected, additional bed bugs cannot be found which leads most experts to believe that the bugs that were found were just rogue bugs that were introduced into the office and have not established as a reproducing population.  Although, a reproducing infestation is not commonly found, it can happen and is something to be aware of.  This episode will explain how you can inspect your work area and suggestions managers can consider in regards to ongoing bed bug monitoring.  Please be aware that if you are an employee in an office setting, outside of inspecting your individual area, you should always contact management if you have any concerns of bed bugs in the office and you should not set any bed bug monitors without first consulting management.

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