DIY #2 - Effective Method to Apply Dusts

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In this episode Jeff will describe the most effective way to apply dusts to kill bed bugs. When working in homes, it is common to see white dusts applied to the surface of floors and carpets in an attempt to kill bed bugs. While some dusts allow for it to be applied in this fashion it may not be the most effective way to treat for bed bugs. When applying dusts to kill bed bugs, it may be best to get the dust into cracks, crevices and voids. The idea behind this treatment is to get the dust to where the bugs are hiding. By doing so, you optimize the chance that you kill the bugs and if the dust does not get wet, it should be active for a long period of time and thus eliminate that crack as a place to hide for the bugs. If you place the dust on the top of the floor or carpeting, there is a chance the bug may avoid the dust and find another way to get to the sleeping person. Also, applying dusts on to the surface of flooring may not be the best option if pets or children are present in the home.

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