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UPDATE: We filmed an update to this video that discusses placing fully packed bags and suitcases into the PackTite Portable Heating Unit. Click here to watch this update

In this episode, Jeff will discuss the new Packtite™ portable heating unit and it’s potential to address bed bug infested items that cannot be laundered or treated.  The Packtite portable heating unit is intended address bed bug infested items that cannot be laundered or treated.  We know that when bed bugs are exposed to temperatures in excess of 120oF, over time all stages, both live bugs and eggs, will be killed.  During testing, temperatures inside the unit reached approximately 145oF which is well in excess of the lethal temperature for bed bugs.  If you place these items in the unit, plug the unit in and run the unit for four hours (as mentioned by the directions for use), it theoretically should kill any live bed bugs and their eggs that are present in the items.  It is extremely important that you follow all manufacturer directions in regards to what can be placed in the unit and how to properly use the unit.  If the directions are followed properly, the Packtite unit can play a significant role in treating items that cannot be laundered or treated.  These items are often very difficult to find a suitable solution for and the Packtite unit could be one of the very few good solutions we have for these items.

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